What the Festival of life is

It is a great moment of the Community of intense prayer and of thankfulness to the God of life in remembrance of the birth of the Community. On the 16th of July 1983, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mother Elvira received the “keys” of the Mother House in Saluzzo: on that day community Cenacolo was born! On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Community, in July of 1993, the “Festival of Life” was celebrated for the first time, and through the years it has become a gathering of faith for the youth, families and friends of the Community. Each July since that time, thousands of people from all over the world climb the hill of Saluzzo, where the Holy Spirit brought Comunita Cenacolo, to live together four days of prayer, catechesis, and testimonies in the joy of the Risen One who continues to “give sight to the blind, set the prisoners free, and raise up those who have fallen.”


«The Festival of Life will celebrate Jesus
who is risen and alive in our midst.
It is His resurrection that makes itself alive
in the eyes, the smile, and the shining faces
of the youth and families who were once dead
in the darkness, but today are alive,
thanks to the powerful Mercy of God,
which is a thousand times greater
and more powerful than our sin.
During these days we want to give joyful testimony
to everyone, that the forgiveness of God
has raised up our lives again,
giving them a new birth of hope.
You come, too… to celebrate the God of Life.
We await you with joy!

                     Mother Elvira