What we will do

Together we will experience the joy of our faith through songs, recitals and dances created by the young people of Cenacolo.

We will listen and welcome the seed of the Word through the catechisms of our guest speakers.

We will rejoice in seeing the miracles of God’s mercy in our lives by listening to the testimonies that will be proposed.

We will adore the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharist with profound moments of prayer. We will nourish ourselves with the Bread of Life during the Eucharistic Celebration, the culminating moment of each day.

We will discover the joy of being a great family, a living part of the Church, on the path to true freedom.

We will see the beauty of faith that gives new life to hope, which puts us in sincere communion with our brothers, generating friendships that sustain our journey ... and many other surprises of the Holy Spirit!

Evenings and Musical…

On Friday evening, a vigil will be offered with the theme "We are Witnesses"; Saturday night the musical "FOLLOW ME ... we are witnesses" will be presented retracing some particular moments in the history of salvation reread through Pentecost and the life of Peter, the apostle, staged with beautiful and moving choreographies, conceived by the young people of the community.

What’s new this year?

- The Choir is ready to surprise you with the new Hymn of the Festival and other new and joyful songs;

- The Chapel of Adoration will have a new background with the theme of the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Cenacle, adorned with a new altar and monstrance, made by the men of the Community;

- A photographic exhibition will be displayed in the "Garden of Mary" to praise the Lord by retracing the history of Comunità Cenacolo: from the first "yes" of Mother Elvira to today.

 - Every year at the Festa della Vita we are graced with the presence of relics of various Saints uniting the heavens and earth in a single prayer of praise and intercession to the God of Life. This year will we be accompanied by the relic of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta whom is very loved by everyone. The relic will be exposed in the chapel of perpetual adoration to be venerated by the faithful, and during the solemn holy Masses the relic will be brought into the main tent, next to the altar. To promote the testimony of her faith we propose all to visit the exhibition "Mother Teresa: life, spirituality and message".

We are grateful to Mother Teresa for her coming to be among us, let us begin now to invoke her intercession for each and every participant of the Festa della Vita.