What we will do


We will live the joy of faith together with songs, dances, and a musical that the youth of the Community have created. 
We will listen to and welcome the seed of the Word through catechisms of guests that will be with us. 
We will rejoice in seeing the miracles of the mercy of God in our lives by listening to testimonies given by young men and women and their families.
During profound moments of prayer, we will adore the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
We will nurture ourselves with the Bread of Life in the celebration of the Eucharist the culminating moment of each day. 
We will discover the joy of being a large family, part of the living Church, journeying towards true liberty. 
We will see the beauty of faith that gives new life to hope that puts us in sincere communion with our brothers by generating friendships that sustain our walk…and many,
many other surprises from the Holy Spirit!