The logo

«Eccomi!» (Lc 1,38)


«Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord»
(Lk 1,38)

The logo represents the Annunciation, the moment in which Mary freely and joyfully responds "Here I am" to the invitation that angel Gabriel, God's messenger, brings to her.

Mary’s "yes" allows the Holy Spirit, depicted in the form of a dove, to come down upon her, to work through and to act within her. A "wave" departs from Mary carrying with it the benefit of salvation, a merciful "embrace" of Grace for humanity, which will be fully realized in the "Here I am" of Jesus on the Cross.

In the womb of Mary, the Church's womb, are those who have been redeemed by the Cross of Christ, they have been called to follow him and are sent to proclaim His salvation to everyone.

Following Mary, we are also called to say our "Here I am" to God so as to fulfill the desire of His heart: our salvation!