The logo


This year's logo is comprised of a flame, a dove, a cross, raised hands and the verse : “We are witnesses"

The Flame represents the fire of the Holy Spirit, that comes down upon the Cenacle of the first Church and burns all fear and doubt, turning the apostles into courageous witnesses of the Gospel.

The Dove, a biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit, reminds us that God, through His Son Jesus Christ, has reconciled a sinful humanity with the Father, and He gives us His Peace.

The Cross is a reality that is a part of life for each one of us. For us Christians, Jesus’ Cross is the source of Love and Hope. Love because the Cross teaches us that in order to love one must suffer and offer himself in sacrifice; Hope because in Jesus the Cross no longer has the last word, because the last word of God is the Resurrection, it is life, it is His victory over sin and death!

The Raised hands are those of the Apostles, they are opened to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit making them witnesses of the Gospel. Today they are even our hands that desire to praise the Lord's Mercy and serve in His Love.

“We are witnesses": like Peter, like Paul, like the apostles, like all those before us who proceeded in faith… our moment is today, “we are witnesses" to the Risen One, to His infinite Love, to His endless Mercy. May our resurrected life be an announcement and testimony that we are the children of a living God, a true and risen God!

God exists, we have met Him… and of this “We are witnesses".