(Frequently asked questions)


On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding the Festival of Life and their corresponding answers. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I registered at the site last year, can I reuse the same login data?

No, the archive of the users from previous years are archived and deleted for technical and security reasons. It is therefore necessary to make a new registration in order to proceed with  registration to the festival.

I finished my registration by choosing a user name and a password. Am I registered as a single person?

No, this is only the registration for the site that makes it possible for you to access the area reserved for registration. After having activated your account, it is necessary to access this area with your user name and password and finish your registration as an individual or as a group.

I finished my registration; how can I be sure that I registered correctly?

If you have correctly finished your registration, you should have received an e-mail with the summary of your registration (your information and, eventually, that of your group) and the confirmation code that is necessary for acquiring your PASS. You can also verify your registration by accessing the site with your user name and password and checking whether your registration is present on the chart of already-finished registrations.

I finished my registration, but I did not receive the e-mail with the confirmation code. What can I do?

By accessing the site with your user-name and password and searching the chart of already-finished registrations, you can check if the corresponding box appears for the registration that you are searching for. If you do not find it, this means one of two things: either you inserted the wrong e-mail address or the e-mail with the confirmation was marked as SPAM by your e-mail service. Regarding the first case, change the registration information with the right e-mail address, and you will receive the confirmation; regarding the second case, check the SPAM folder provided by your e-mail service.

I am part of a group of parents of the Community. Do I register myself as an individual or with the group of parents?

It is also possible to register individually, but it is better to abide by the rules given by the group in which you belong. 

One of my friends does not have access to the internet. Can I register for him?

Yes, each registered user on the site can make an unlimited number of registrations with different names, whether individually or as a group. If the registered persons do not have an e-mail address, you can put your own and then give to the interested parties the print-out with the registration confirmation that is needed to acquire the PASS. 

Is it better to register as a group or as many individuals?

It is better to register as a group because it diminishes the time it takes to acquire the PASSES (if you get them on the Festival days). 

I registered myself individually; can I now add members and become leader of the group?

It is not possible to change a registration from an individual to a group, or vice-versa, because they have different management behaviors and expiration dates.  If you registered yourself as an individual and now want to be part of a group or become leader of a group, you must cancel your registration as an individual and create a new one as a group. 

My group will arrive at the Festival at different times. Can the members acquire the PASSES personally as they arrive?

It No, because the registration has only one code for all the members of the group.  In this case, you must divide the group into different sub-groups, according to the members’ arrival times to the Festival. Therefore, it is better to finish your registration with your group leader who will go and acquire the PASSES and then distribute them to the people with whom he/she arrived.  

Can I access the location of the festival in my own car with the PASS that gives me access to the TENT AREA?

No. Like the preceding years, for reasons of public viability, it will not be possible to drive up the hill with your own car.  The Via San Lorenzo and Via Creusa street accesses to the hill will be blocked by the traffic service.  We ask you to leave your cars in the indicated parking lots (see the page “Useful Information”), and from there use the shuttle/bus service.

What is the maximum number of members for each group?

For technical and organizational reasons, the maximum number of members that can belong to the same group is 35. If you need to register more than 35 people you can create more groups and register them with the same group leader.

My son/daughter does not have an identification card: how can I register him/her?

You can register him/her by inserting him/her as a member of a group, and in the field DOCUMENT NUMBER  you must put the following nine-digit code: 000000000.