Indications for registration

The number of participants in the Festival of Life increases every year.  Therefore,  for organizational and security reasons, REGISTRATION is required once again.  Registering provides you with a PASS which allows you access to the area under the TENTS which will host the various events of the Festival. This allows the Community to organize itself better and serve the participants with more attention.

We ask that you please REGISTER as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION is obligatory, FREE, and must be done through this site.

It is possible to register as a GROUP (or FAMILY), or PERSONALLY.

For groups (or families) we ask that you please register by July 1, in order that we may organize the services offered during the Festival.

SINGLES must register by July 7.

The registration gives you the right to receive a PASS that gives you access to the TENT AREA, where the various moments of the Festival will take place.

The PASS for GROUPS/FAMILIES can be obtained beginning July 8 in the Office of Community Cenacolo of Saluzzo (CN).

In any case it is possible for everyone to obtain the PASS at the appropriate “REGISTRATION-PASS” STAND during the Festival days.

The PASS does not give you access to the hill with your own car.