Every year at the Festa della Vita we are graced with the presence of relics of various Saints uniting the heavens and earth in a single prayer of praise and intercession to the God of Life. This year will we be accompanied by the relic of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta whom is very loved by everyone. The relic, arriving from Rome, will be exposed in the chapel of perpetual adoration to be venerated by the faithful, and during the solemn holy Masses the relic will be brought into the main tent, next to the altar. We are grateful to "Mother Teresa" for her coming to be among us, let us begin now to invoke her intercession for each and every participant of the Festa della Vita.

Explanation of the relic
The relic of Mother Teresa’s blood, in a small piece of cotton, is in the center of the flame outlined with gold, signifying that Mother Teresa is a soul set afire by her love for Jesus, who radiates His Light upon all of humanity, especially the poorest of the world.
Mother Teresa (symbolized by an Indian style lamp) receives the Light of Christ and is called by Him to spread it.

"Come, be my light. They do not know me therefore they do not want me. Come, go among them". (Jesus to Mother Teresa)

The exhibition "Mother Teresa: life, spirituality and message"

This year at the Festa Della Vita, in addition to the relics, we will also host the exhibition "Mother Teresa: life, spirituality and message", which illustrates the testimony of her faith.
The exhibition about Saint Teresa di Calcutta offers a journey through the life and spirituality of the Albanian nun born in Skopje in 1910 and died in Calcutta in 1997. The exhibition bears witness to the immensity of the works accomplished by Mother Teresa and to her writings, many of which were discovered only after her death, which reveal the secrets of the heart of the Saint of the poor. It is Teresa herself who recounts in her letters the mystical experience of listening to the Voice of Jesus, the fear of doing what is she is asked to do, to be poor among the poorest for the sake of a crucified God, to take him where no one dares to go, in the hovels inhabited by misery, hunger, sickness and, desperation left to feel abandoned by all, unloved, unwanted.

We would like to make the life and spirituality of Saint Mother Teresa a little more known so that her holiness becomes an encouragement for all of us to concretely live the Gospel in the generous service of charity.