The theme


«Follow me»
(Jn 21,19)


The "Festival of Life 2018" will have as its theme the Word of God: "Follow me".

It is the invitation that Jesus in the Gospel addresses to Peter after his Resurrection ... and it is the invitation that the Risen Lord addresses to each one of us today.

After the "Here I am", the Word that led the last Festival of Life, there is the ... "FOLLOW ME", because after each "yes" to God a journey begins, a journey of faith, which makes us come out of our shells and toss the nets of Good News and testimony to wherever the Lord shows us.

After these 35 years of the Lord’s fidelity, during which we have experienced his Mercy and his Providence, we also wish to welcome the invitation of Jesus:

"FOLLOW ME" ... to always start over and over from and with Him,
"FOLLOW ME" ... to joyfully renew our will to follow him,
"FOLLOW ME" ... to relive the freshness, the enthusiasm and the beauty of trustful abandonment in God.

Virgin Mary, You who followed God Your whole life bringing into fullness the will of the Father, intercede for us!

We joyfully await you ... come and see!
Together we will listen to the voice of the Master saying to each one of us: "Follow me" ... and by following Him we will discover a quality of life that is brighter, truer, more beautiful and smiling!