At the end of the Festival of life we feel a deep gratitude in our hearts:

THANKS be to God for the four wonderful days of light, peace, prayer and joy which created intense communion and familiarity among many people come together from all different countries;

THANKS to the Bishops and priests who were here with us to show us their friendship and to announce the word of the Lord: S.E.R Mons. Corti, Bishop emeritus from Novara; S.E.N Mons. Jaume Pujol Balcells, the Archbishop of Tarragona (Spain); S.E.N Mons. Giuseppe Guerrini, Bishop of Saluzzo; Father Pino from the “Città dei ragazzi” in Cuneo; Father Vittorio De’Paoli, parish priest of Saint Joseph of peace Milan; Father Francis Peyron, from the “Certosa di Pesio”, a missionary of the “Consolata” ;

THANKS to Father Samer Soreshow Yohanna who testified with a very touching clarity the sufference and the hopes of the churches, persecuted for theit faith, in Iraq and the Middle East;

THANKS to the many priests joined from various countries who shared these prayerful days and “poured out” the Lord’s mercy on many wounded hearts;

THANKS to who gave testimony: Rosita Sartori who, with her smile, shared with us her joy for life; Tim Guénard who told us that forgiveness is stronger than hatred; the young people and the families of the Community who told us of their passage “from the darkness to the light”;

THANKS to the young people of the Community worked hard and made sacrifices for weeks on end preparing the spaces for the festival, the music, the photo displays, the recital…;

THANKS to the group of volunteers, the real “Guardian angels” of this festival: parents, young people and friends who served the “crowds” joyfully, expecting nothing in return, on the various stalls during the days of the festival;

THANKS to the providence which showed itself in the faces and generous hearts of the many people who helped us in different ways;

THANKS to the Mayor and vice Mayor of Saluzzo, who were present a few times to tell everyone how we were welcomed by the city;

THANKS to our neighbours on the hill for the patience and help in making sure that the festival would go smoothly;

THANKS to the local authorities who sent out various teams to help with the traffic; the green cross and the various volunteer doctors and nurses who offered medical assistence to the thousands of people who were present;

THANKS to all the groups and people joined here in Saluzzo from twenty different countries, to live together these unforgettable days of the festival of life;

THANKS to all of those who, from their house, mission or community, prayed for us, allowing the grace of the Lord to touch and give back hope, peace and salvation to many hearts;

THANKS to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Cenacolo, for her silent but “living” presence among us, for her intercession, her protection, her motherly embrace; thanks to her also for having allowed Mother Elvira to pass by to greet us on the Sunday afternoon;

THANKS to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…thanks to all of you…for everything and for always!!!

                                                                    Mother Elvira and the Cenacolo Community