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the cloak ... the only true "home" of St. Francis

Every year the relics of a Saint are present with us during the Festival of Life to unite Heaven and earth in a single prayer of praise and intercession to the God of Life.

This year we are blessed to welcome a precious relic of Saint Francis of Assisi, kept by the Friars Minor at the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels, inside which is the Portiuncula.

It is a reliquary containing a strip of cloth from the cloak that belonged to the Pauper of Assisi. This relic, authenticated by the Friars Minor of Assisi themselves, is also precious because we know from the Franciscan Sources that the cloak was the only true “home” of St. Francis, who disliked dwellings made of walls. In fact, some passages from the Sources tell us that when Francis wrapped himself in his cloak, an inner “cell” was created in his soul in which he found refuge by immersing himself in prayer. 

During the Festival of Life this relic will be on display for veneration of the faithful in the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration and during the Eucharistic celebrations it will be placed at the side of the altar. May it’s presence help us to enter into ourselves and be immersed with faith in God’s love, like St. Francis.

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