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Contemplative Missionary
Movement Father de Foucauld
Father Pino Isoardi The first successor to Father Andrea Gasparino for the “Contemplative Missionary Movement Father de Foucauld,” an ecclesiastical reality that was born in Cuneo in 1951 and today extends to missionary activity in many of the poorest countries of the world. The Community has for ten years now provided a service of a “School of Prayer for the youth” where entire generations –among whom are our guys and girls—have learned to pray in order to live the beauty of the faith. A profound friendship, right from the beginning tied Mother Elvira and Father Gasparino together—a strong and rich friendship that continues between the two Communities. he will preside over the mass for the inauguration
of the festival on thursday at 6:00 pm
CARDINAL Christoph Schönborn Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, O.P. Metropolitan Archbishop of Vienna (Austria), was born on January 22, 1945, in Skalken, Bohemia, in the present Czech Republic. In 1963 he joined the Dominican Order. He was ordained a priest on December 27, 1970. He obtained his Licentiate in 1971 and completed a doctorate in Sacred Theology in 1974 in Paris. For several years he was a professor of Dogmatic Theology at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He served as the editorial secretary for the Catechism of the Catholic Church from 1987 to 1992. He was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Vienna on April 11, 1995, and succeeded as Archbishop of Vienna on September 14, 1995. In 1996 he preached Lenten Exercises in the presence of Pope John Paul II and the papal household. He was created Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in the consistory of February 21, 1998. Cardinal Schonborn is a prominent personality of the Catholic Church; he is the author of numerous publications of significant theological and scientific value. He is a man of exceptional culture but also very profound humanity.  Cardinal Schönborn was one of the cardinal electors who participated in the 2005 papal conclave that selected Pope Benedict XVI, and in the 2013 papal conclave that selected Pope Francis. He serves as a member of various Vatican dicasteries including the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, that for the Oriental Churches and that for Catholic Education, and of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation. He is a close friend of the Cenacolo Community and Mother Elvira, with whom he has had various meetings over the years, personally participating in some editions of the Festival of Life. His greeting and his catechesis on the theme of the festival will be on thursday evening at 21.00. Missionary of the Consolata
missionary congregation
Father francesco peyron Father Peyron is a Missionary of the Consolata missionary congregation; for a long time, he was the supervisor of the Spirituality Center of the Monastery of Pesio. He currently resides in the community of the Consolata Missionaries of Fossano (CN).
Father Peyron is a great friend of our community with whom he has collaborated for years with faithfulness and passion, accompanying the spiritual life of our young people and the Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection.
He will be speaking to us Friday at 10:30
Apostolic Prefect of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Father francesco peyron Born in 1974, in 2000, he took his religious vows as a member of the Consolata Missionaries (IMC), and one year later he was ordained as a priest. In 2003 he was sent to Mongolia as a missionary, he was the first representative of his religious order in the Asian country: there he was pastor of Mary Mother of Mercy Church in Arvajhėr: "I was 29 when we arrived in Ulaanbaatar, the capital, and it was like entering another world ”- remembers Monsignor Marengo. On April 2, 2020, Pope Francis appointed him the Apostolic Prefect of Ulaanbaatar. On August 8, 2020, he was elevated to the rank of bishop in the Sanctuary of the Consolata in Turin: «Being bishop of a small community like the one entrusted to me means first of all accompanying these people on their journey. I have the task of helping them to stand up in their faith because it's true that here Catholics are the whiteflies of Mongolia». It is a consciously courageous gesture for them to choose Baptism in a place where the Church has only been present for 28 years. "But for this very reason", the new bishop emphasizes, "there is a deep and genuine desire to want to grow in faith, to take ownership of the Christian tradition". He will preside over the Holy Mass on Friday evening at 18.00 Dean of the Higher Institute
of Religious Sciences "Fides et Ratio"
Don luigi maria epicoco A priest since 2005, Fr Epicoco lived as a young priest during the tragedy of the earthquake that shocked his adopted city, L'Aquila, on April 6, 2009. As the university chaplain at the time he was particularly struck by the drama of the eight young people who remained under the rubble of the Student House.
Fr Epicoco is originally from Mesagne, in the Brindisi area, he is an author of various books of a spiritual nature, he is a professor in philosophy at the Lateran University and in 2019 the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Angelo De Donatis, appointed him Dean of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences "Fides et Ratio "
of L’Aquila. Fr. Epicoco is also a commentator for various radio and television broadcasts, in particular Vatican Radio, Telepace, TV2000, Rai2; he is active on social networks and on various blogs. He is regularly invited to lecture, conduct retreats and spiritual exercises. On June 16, 2021 he was appointed ecclesiastical assistant for the Dicastery for Communication and editorialist for L’Osservatore Romano.
He will hold the Saturday catechesis at 10.30
BISHOP ELECT OF RUMBEK - sud dudan Father Christian Carlassare Bishop-Elect Christian Carlassare, born in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, on October 1, 1977, is a Comboni religious and Italian missionary. After having obtained his high school diploma he followed an orientation course at the seminary of the Comboni missionaries of the Heart of Jesus in Thiene, at the end of which he understood that he wanted to live this specific vocation. On September 4, 2004 he was ordained a priest in Verona, and after his ordination he attended an English language course and went to South Sudan to learn the Nuer language at the parish of the Holy Trinity, in the state of Fangak. On March 8, 2021, Pope Francis appointed him Bishop of Rumbek, in South Sudan. On May 23 in Rumbek he was supposed to receive the episcopal ordination and take possession of the diocese, but everything was postponed due to the attack suffered on the night of April 25, in which two armed men broke into his rectory. After having beaten him, they fired some shots at him, wounding his legs. He immediately spoke words of forgiveness towards his assailants and words of courage in expressing his desire to be a Pastor of unity and peace for that wounded Sudanese land. He will hold the Saturday Afternoon Catechesis at 4.00 pm Bishop of Saluzzo s.e.r. bishop cristiano bodo S.E.R. Bishop Cristiano Bodo, Bishop of Saluzzo, was born in Vercelli on July 30, 1968, in the archdiocese where he was ordained as a priest in 1993. He received his baccalaureate in 1993 and then a license in theology at the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy in Padua; In 2014 he received his doctorate in theology. He has been a pastor in various parishe of Vercelli at the Diocesan level. He has been episcopal vicar for the youth since 2005 and for the pastoral since 2015; he was also Vicar General of the Archdiocese from 2007 to 2015. On July 31, 2007, he was appointed a prelate of honor by His Holiness. He is delegated to the Piedmont Episcopal Conference for vocations, seminary and deaconate. On December 17, 2016 he was appointed bishop of Saluzzo by Pope Francis; he received the episcopal consecration in the Cathedral of Vercelli on March 25, 2017. He took canonical possession of the diocese on April 2, 2017 in the Cathedral di Saluzzo. He will preside over the mass on saturday at 6.00 pm PROF. EZIO ACETI Ezio Aceti was born in 1956, he is married, he is a father of two grown children and he is a grandfather. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Padua in 1982 and has always been involved in child and adolescent education and psychology.
He was director of a vocational training center and scientific coordinator in centers for the severely disabled. He has opened many psycho-pedagogical listening desks in kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools for parents and teachers.
He has a Masters degree in Religious Sciences and for several years he has dedicated himself to training as a lecturer for teachers, organizations, associations and for the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference).
He participates in various television programs and conferences on issues related to education. He founded Parvus (child), an association that deals with infant therapies and support for parenting. He believes that spreading the culture of childhood through parenting training is the answer to contemporary educational needs.
He will give his talk on Sunday morning at 10.30.
CARDINAL ANGELO COMASTRI His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Comastri was ordained a priest in 1967 and, during the period in which he was parish priest in Porto Santo Stefano, he hosted a visit from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, to whom he was bound to by a profound friendship. On July 25, 1990 he was appointed bishop of Massa Marittima-Piombino and subsequently, in 1996, he was called to serve as Archbishop Prelate of Loreto and Pontifical Delegate for the Lauretano Sanctuary. In Loreto he lived an intense pastoral experience in welcoming pilgrims, with a particular sensitivity towards the sick. He also hosted the visit of St. John Paul II to Loreto on September 5, 2004. On February 5, 2005, John Paul II entrusted him with the position as Vicar General for His Holiness for Vatican City and President of the Fabric of Saint Peter and in 2006 Pope Benedict appointed him as Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter. Cardinal Comastri held the aforementioned offices until February 20, 2021. He gathered faithful from all over the world in prayer during the time of the covid-19 pandemic, fervently reciting the Holy Rosary every day from St. Peter's Basilica, which was broadcast on Vatican television and Sat2000. He is the author of numerous books on spirituality and a renowned preacher. Since his appointment as Bishop of Massa Marittima he has been a great friend to Mother Elvira and of our Community; during the time he spent in Loreto he strongly desired the presence of our Community in this blessed place. His Eminence commenced the project of renovation for the House of Montorso, where we are present still today with our own fraternity. His greeting and his catechesis on the theme of the festival will be on Saturday evening at 21.00.