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The relics of Saint Francis of Assisi

Every year the relics of a Saint are present with us during the Festival of Life to unite Heaven and earth in a single prayer of praise and intercession to the God of Life.

This year we are blessed to welcome the relics of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. They will be placed beside the Eucharistic Jesus, who will be adored continuously by the men and women of the Community and those present at the Festival of Life; we too, from our homes, will be able to venerate and pray to this great Saint known and loved throughout the world.

From this moment on we invoke his intercession upon all participants of the Festival of Life 2022.

(To learn more about Saint Francis  click here)

Using the “form” on the side you can send us your thanks and / or your prayer requests, for which we will pray intensely every day and which will be placed in the chapel at the feet of Jesus in the Eucharist, next to the relics of St. Francis.

We remind you that at the end of the evening’s programs,

the young people of the Community will take turns to pray continuously before the Blessed Sacrament

to ask for blessings and graces on all participants in the Feast.

Let us adore the Lord and thank him for all the miracles of his Love!

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